1. Keyboard and Mouse Sharing
The two computers with VCC-400 installed are each assigned as the main or sub computer, allowing you to control both computers as comfortably as using a dual monitor, using the keyboard and mouse of the main computer. The keyboard and mouse of the sub computer can control only the sub computer, and after program set-up you can remove the keyboard and mouse of the sub computer.

Through the world’s best software implementation, the keyboard and mouse inputs are as natural as if they were connected to both computers.
Supports every wire/wireless PS2/USB keyboard and mouse, and also supports keyboards from all countries without any problems.
After program settings, you can remove the keyboard and mouse of the sub computer, and because it uses a single USB cable to connect the two computers, it expands your workspace and keeps it clean.
Works between desktop, laptop, tablet or UMPC.
Completely supports dual monitor environment.
Supports fast switching that redirects keyboard/mouse input to the partner computer via configurable hotkey.
2. File Copying
By using the Drag-and-Drop function or the usual Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V), it allows you to easily copy files or folders between the computers.

You can copy large files and folders easily and quickly at the high speed of 100Mbps.
The current version of the VCC Manager supports the Drag-and-Drop functon only between Windows computers.
3. Clipboard Sharing
By sharing the clipboard between the two computers being used, it allows you to Copy (Ctrl+C) desired data from one computer, and then Paste (Ctrl+V) it wherever you want in the other computer.

Supported clipboard data types
Files and folders (Including sub folders and files)
Texts: ANSI/Unicode/HTML/Rich Edit Text
Image data
MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, …) document contents
4. Internet Sharing
By using VCC-400, you can share internet connection from the main computer that is connected to the Internet, to the sub computer that is not connected to the Internet, allowing you to use Internet on the sub computer as naturally as if it had a separate Internet connection.

Allows you to access the public network printer or scanner from the sub computer through the shared Internet connection.
5. Extra Features
The VCC-400 adapter acts as a common ethernet crossover cable, offering the two connected computers with the following extra features.
Allows you to share storage devices such as specific folders, hard disks, or ODD(CD/DVD)s with one another.
Allows printers and scanners connected to one computer to be shared with the other computer.
6. Easy Installation and Use
The driver and software installation is easy, and the simple manager program allows easy setting and use.
The VCC Manager automatically runs and stops depending on the cable connection.
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Usable between two computers of Desktop PC, Laptop PC, Tablet PC, UMPC or Panel PC on which Windows or Linux is installed, or PPC/Intel Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook, Macbook Pro on which Mac OS X 10.4 or later OS is installed.
Easily portable because of very simple hardware components.
7. Why choose VCC-400?
Supports Many Operating Systems: VCC-400 is the first product in the world to fully support Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Linux.
Light Software: The light but effective software structure of VCC-400 enables the VCC-400 to use negligible computing resources including CPU time and memory, and therefore work naturally.
User-Friendly and Intuitive Environment: The structural function modules provide a user-friendly and intuitive environment. For instance, you can use the <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del>-key in the sub computer to open the Task Manager. Even in the log-in screen or while the computer is locked, you can share keyboard/mouse between computers.
Stability: Competitive software products usually crash or do not work as expected. Our long development period provides users complete stability in every function for all supported operating systems.
Windows 7/8/Vista Compatibility: VCC-400 operates as perfectly with Windows 7/8/Vista as earlier Windows versions.
Safe Security: Sending keystrokes and mouse actions across a public network is a big security risk, and increases public network load. But VCC-400 provides a private network connection between the two computers, and uses only this connection to communicate with each other. Therefore it provides safe security and does not affect the public network load at all.
Data Transfer Speed: VCC-400 uses USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (100 Mbps) to provide high data transfer speed.
Excellent Tech Support: Users can receive quick and effective technical support at request. Please call our tech support line or send us an email describing the issue or question, or just post it in our forum.