VCC-300 Manual/Driver/Software Ver. 4.40 (Jun. 03, 2015) Download
1. Install Package Description
When you unzip the downloaded zip file, the following folders will appear.
Driver : folder containing the VCC-300 device driver
Manual : contains a manual in the form of a .pdf file for the VCC-300 software installation
Setup : contains the VCC-300 manager software install file
2. Update Method (Refer to the Install Manual when installing for the first time)
Attention1 : When updating, there is no need to reinstall the VCC-300 driver again. Only the VCC-300 Manager must be reinstalled.
Attention2 : When updating, both computers must be updated. In other words, when updating from a previous version 3.25, if only one computer is updated to version 4.40 then the program may not function properly, hence both computers must be updated to version 4.40 for proper use.
A) Download the attachment file in both main and sub computers.
B) In both main and sub computers, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, select the VCC-300 Manager and remove program. After program removal is complete, user need not restart computer when prompted.
C) In both main and sub computers, unzip the file downloaded in step (A) and run file Setup.exe in the \Setup directory to install the VCC-300 Manager. After installation is complete, restart the computer and the updated program will operate.