Clixon is a business established in August of 2004 that started out with only a challenging spirit. After its establishment, following the introduction of the VCC-100 that allows users to use many computers as comfortably as one computer, we have continuously devoted ourselves to our development, until finally the VCC-400, which supports not only Microsoft Windows but Mac OS and Linux as well, came out in May of 2008. Although there exists other similar products throughout the world, we take pride in that Clixon’s VCC product provides users with superior function and convenience in use, and would like to thank all the customers that have given us interest and support to make Clixon what we are now.
But Clixon will not be satisfied with our current position and will endeavor to improve the function and convenience of the VCC, and provide our customers with products and services that are differentiated from other businesses through original ideas and the world’s best technology. So we ask you once again to continue to show your interest in us, and thank you for all your kindness and support.
Windows/MacOS/Linux Driver and Application Software
Embedded Software
Digital/Analog Hardware